cat receiving an ultrasound


Pet ultrasonography are fast becoming one of the most useful diagnostic tools in veterinary medicine and is considered the imaging modality of choice for many diseases and conditions. Ultrasound produces a visual map of the interior of the cat or dog’s body and is often a critical tool for to the comprehensive diagnosis of cancer, adrenal disease, liver disease, kidney disease and gastrointestinal problems.

Quality of Our Ultrasound Services

The quality and accuracy of the ultrasound are directly influenced by the skill, training and experience of the sonographer doing the testing. Ultrasound quality is also strongly impacted by the sophistication of the equipment being utilized. At East Paulding Animal Hospital, our Doctors of Veterinary Medicine have a thorough understanding of the indications and guidelines for ultrasound examinations, and are familiar with alternative and complementary imaging and diagnostic procedures.

Ultrasound Services for Pets in Dallas, GA

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